How do I get to Oxford from London Heathrow airport?

You’ve made it! Finally crossed the pond and arrived in London. After a 10-hour flight, you must be feeling ready to lie down in bed and do your best to avoid the jet lag. However… you still need to figure out how to get to Oxford from the airport! And that’s where we come in to help.

Heathrow does have free-of-charge internet access to all its visitors, so if you have any battery left on your phone you can always look for the very specifics on Google Maps (especially on how to get to your accommodation once you’re in Oxford city).

The most convenient way to travel to Oxford is possibly by bus, especially if this is your first time going there as the train fare is a fair bit more expensive and requires you to change trains. Two bus companies run services between Oxford and Heathrow: The Airline buses, and National Express. Both companies’ services run regularly, approximately every thirty minutes from the central coach station (which is linked to Terminals 2 and 3) and from the bus stops at Terminal 5.

Please also note that neither bus departs from Terminal 4. If you are flying with AeroMexico, this may affect your journey as this is the terminal they fly into. You can go from Terminal 4 to Terminal 5 by going to the bus stops in Terminal 4 and taking the free-of-charge buses numbered 482 or 490. Waiting for the bus and the actual journey between terminals could take about thirty minutes altogether, don’t forget to consider this!

Once you’ve made it to either the central bus station or the bus stops at Terminal 5, simply wait for the bus to Oxford. You can buy your tickets off the driver, so make sure to bring some cash! (£25 at the time of writing). The driver will ask you which stop you want to get off at. This will most likely be the final stop, which is Oxford bus station. However, if your accommodation is located in the Cowley area, you may also want to get off at St. Clements’. If you get off at the coach station, then you can take a taxi from the taxi rank located a couple of minutes’ walk from it.

And you’ve made it (this time for good!). Once you’ve settled in and if you’re not feeling too tired, just shoot us a message on our Facebook page. We’ll be ready to welcome you to Oxford in a proper Mexican way!