Academic Seminars

TalkAbouts with the OU Mexican Society

Academic and professional communities thrive through communication and learning. We want the Mexican Society to become a network of expertise in the many fields Oxford offers. Inspired by the UCL MexSoc TalkAbout series, we started organising termly academic seminars hoping this practice extends to other societies in the UK!

With this mission, we organise sessions for members to present the highlights of their research in 10-15 min each (plus questions). This is a great opportunity to learn from other’s research, other disciplines and to start interdisciplinary discusions, all by strengtening a community of Mexican students at Oxford. Plus, presenters have an opportunity to practice giving short presentations to varied audiences.

If you are interested in presenting next term, please sign-up using this form: . All welcome!

Bellow is the timeline of the TalkAbouts we have organised to date, starting with the first one in MT 2018! Find more information of the topic covered in each seminar on the link to the Facebook event.