Past committees

The story of the Society through their people

The Oxford University Mexican Society is an active and vibrant community of students, researchers and associates interested in Mexican science and culture.

To bring light into the work of the people that have kept the Society alive throughout years and many decades into the future (hopefully!), we collected a timeline of our past committees. Here is bit of the society history:

· Committee MT 2018- TT 2019

President: Elena Pierard, DPhil Geography and the Environment, Keble
Elena served last year as president. She is reading for a DPhil focusing on the interaction between governments and corporations in natural resources and sustainability. As president she worked to continue the legacy of past committees in forming a vibrant international community at Oxford, and a platform to discuss and learn about research on Mexico and by Mexicans.

Secretary: José María Valenzuela, DPhil Public Policy, St Antony’s

José María was last year’s secretary. Currently he is reading for a DPhil at the School of Government, working on improving government’s capacity to collaborate with experts on energy and climate change. He enjoys his language classes, cooking vegan food and talking about the need to change the World!

Treasurer: Bernardo Pérez Orozco, DPhil Machine Learning, Balliol
Bernardo was last year’s treasurer and previously served as president 2015-2016. Originally from León, Guanajuato, he is currently finishing his DPhil in Machine Learning . Other academic interests include learning foreign languages and being involved in student societies; otherwise, he’s most likely to be found out with friends, dancing salsa or reggaeton in a local venue.

Academic Officer: Miguel Mendívil Roiz, MSt. in Diplomatic Studies, Kellogg
Miguel read the MSt. in Diplomatic Studies. His academic interests are related to international politics, international security, and strategic studies. His hobby is learning foreign languages, and new random things every day. Miguel is originally from Los Mochis, Sinaloa. 

Cultural officer: Paola Schietekat, MPP, Mansfield
Paola was born and raised in Mexico City. She did her undergrad in International Relations and Anthropology in Kuwait, where she worked as a Political Analyst and Consultant at the Embassy of Mexico. She also led a campaign called Look With Human Eyes, aimed at protecting the rights of domestic workers in the GCC. Paola read the Masters in Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government and was a member of Mansfield College. She is now back to the public sector in Mexico.

Social Officer: Victoria Dittmar, MSc in Sociology, St Antony’s
Originally from Guadalajara, Victoria was a member of St Antony’s College and read the MSc in Sociology. Before coming to Oxford, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Sussex, and worked in Medellin and Guadalajara researching organized crime, citizen security, and peace-building in Latin America.

IT officer: Santiago Castiello de Obeso, DPhil Experimental Psychology, St. Anne’s College
Originally from Guadalajara Mexico. He is a co-founder of Evidology and active collaborator in Cochrane Mexico and Cochrane Schizophrenia. He is currently reading for a DPhil in Experimental Psychology at St. Anne’s College, and he works in the Computational psychopathology research group. He is interested in studying reinforcement and associative learning in psychosis spectrum disorders and schizotypy. After the DPhil, he wants to do research in that area from Mexico.

· Committee MT 2017- TT 2018

President: César Espinoza Campuzano, DPhil in Earth Sciences, St Hughs

Secretary: Javier Sandoval, DPhil in Politics, Wolfson

Treasurer: Diana Jimenez Thomas, MPhil International Development, Balliol

Academic Officer: Elena Pierard, DPhil in Geography and the Environment, Keble

Cultural Officer: José María Valenzuela, DPhil in Public Policy, St Antony’s

Catering and Food Officer: Viridiana Lizardo Briseño

· Committee MT 2016- TT 2017

President: Marcela Mendoza, DPhil in Plants Sciences, Balliol

Secretary: César Espinoza Campuzano, DPhil in Earth Sciences, St Hughs

Treasurer: Diana Jimenez Thomas, MPhil International Development, Balliol

IT Officer: Bernardo Pérez Orozco, DPhil in Machine Learning, Balliol

· Committee MT 2015- TT 2016

President: Bernardo Pérez Orozco, DPhil in Machine Learning, Balliol

Secretary: Liliana Estrada, Master in Public Policy

Treasurer: Miguel Rentería, Master in Public Policy

Public Relations Officer: Francisco Marmolejo, DPhil in Computer Science

· Committee MT 2014- TT 2015

President: Francisco Horneffer, MBA Saïd Business School, Green Templeton

· Committee MT 2013- TT 2014

President: Juan Manuel Galeazzi, DPhil Neuroscience, Wolfson

· Committee MT 2012- TT 2014

President: Andrés González Watty, DPhil Socio-legal studies, Wolfson

· Committee MT 2011- TT 2012

President: Cristina Martinez Gonzalez, D.Phil in Pharmacology, Brasenose

· Committee MT 2008- TT 2009

President: Aime Lopez Aguilar, DPhil Biochemistry, Balliol

Continuing the timeline

The 2018-2019 committee started the initiative to trace back past committee members with the aim to complete our society’s timeline and to bring more detail into the past of the society.

So, if you have any relevant hint and specially if you know the names and contact of former presidents or other members of past committees please write to the society e-mail: oxford [dot] mexsoc [at] or directly to the secretary in service.